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[IP] Update on Kap - Long

Pumping is doing very well, considering it is not a cure!

1. Infusion site are lasting 4 days using Tegaderm Dressing
Question:  Where can I find tegaderm dressing?  2" x 2" 3M Health Care makes 
it. I thought it came with our Disetronic pump supplies, but Someone must 
have given it to me, tegaderm (2) dressings a few months ago, I was getting 
so much stuff from different people, I am not sure where it came from.
I called Disetronic and MM to order some, but they do not have it.  
I found some at the drug store but they are 4" x 4" and 10 bucks for 4. I cut 
them in 1/2.  Expensive!

2.  Kap is allergic to the latex (stuffy nose, sniffles, itchy watery eyes) 
and rash only where the tape is placed.   I thought he had a cold but when he 
switched to tagaderm - rash and cold stopped. I had called the hospital and 
spoke with the head nurse and she told me to try tegaderm since there was a 
lot of people allergic to latex. BTW, I looked up allergies to latex, amazing 

3.  Kap is scared to bolus - he will bolus to bring down a high bgs at 
school, but has days when he doesnt trust his pump/list I give him to bolus 
for snacks and lunch.  Endo said this was to be expected and she wanted him 
to be scared of pushing those buttons for awhile, it was a normal reaction 
and not to push him.  We could up his basel for snack/lunch period, to cover 
at least some of the snack/lunch, this way bgs wouldnt go off the scale, he 
would just be a little high we he comes home from school.  So far, this has 
worked he is in under 200 - sometimes within target.  I guess this works like 
he is still on nph and HAS to eat during the lunch and snack period.  Except, 
this works soooo much better.  On the weekends, I remove the snack/lunch 
basel rates and have him make the decisions on how much to bolus, build his 
confidence up to where he feels safe doing it at school.

4. Pizza/Cerals/ Toasted cheese - He gets the double the dosage 2 units per 
15 carbs plus a higher basel for 2 hrs - point 5 increase in basel  Works 
great for him.

5.  I expect his hba1c to be higher, it has to be since he is not had any 
lows except one during basketball ( I got aggressive with highs and did a 
bolus pre-game) 1st mistake, I forgot to make sure he ate the garnola bar.  
Found it later in the car.  No wonder he keep going low. His team finished 

6.  Mid-term report came in, he had A and Bs and those Bs were in the 90s 
except for Social Studies - Flunked, no project completed and not studying 
teachers notes pretest.  He was trying to rely on memory and questions from 
the book.  Math was an A.  This is a first! He has always flunked math or 
just barely passed with lots of extra work.  I contribute the A in math to 
the pump. I knew he had it in him, I just wasnt sure how to get it out of him 
with lows and highs.

7. Baseball is coming up, and he will wear the pump with his basels set just 
as they are - time will tell.  He wears the pump for PE and bgs are still a 
little high 150-180 range afterwards.

8.  Gas before pump was - RUN FOR THE HILLS when he was having high bgs.  It 
started the day he went on insulin.  And stopped when he went on pump. No 
more bgs swings is the reason.  I often told Kap if he passed gas in the 
class, the headlines of the newspaper would be "Entire class wiped out except 
1 child w/ diabetes"  Another reason, I insisted he was allowed bathroom 
trips, sometimes it wasnt to pee!  

9.  The one thing I have learned about diabetes as a parent, is every is 
related to bgs and insulin.  One thing out of whack, another one will follow. 
 Colds, stress,  cut w/ infection, not enough sleep, losing a game, new kid 
on the block,  weather, new teacher, new N64 game (stress came from not 
having a new N64 game), grounded for behavior,  you name it, it affects bgs 
and insulin requirements.  But pumping is the only way to deal with diabetes. 
But, why is Kap able to make more sense with low bgs than when he has high 
bgs.  Try asking him where he lives at when he is high.  The answers we get, 
if we get an answer just makes me realize he is not your average male child 
with or without diabetes.
Thanks for Listening!
Mom to Kap -age 9 and still pumping in NC
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