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[IP] Seeking the cereal solution....

Greetings all:
     Coming on the heels on my roller-coaster day last week with Melissa, 
prompted by starting her day with Honey Nut Cheerios & bouncing up to 300, 
over-correcting etc & rebounding to 435 at 3:00 am.....we VERY cautiously 
approached cereal breakfast this morning....She'd awakened at 117 at 
    I told her she HAD to measure the cereal...and to her surprise, although 
the box showed a serving as :"one cup/30 gms"= 24 carbs......the 90 grams 
(triple portion) she weighed out on our scale only measured 2 1/4 
cups!!!.....based on her CDE's recommended aggressive 1:7 breakfast ratio, 
she bolused 13 units for 72 gms of cereal & 17 grams of milk...no changes in 
basal...instead of her usual 10 units for a "guesstimated", but probably 
comparably-sized portion other days....
     not quite 2 hrs later she was 135 & since her Humalog seems to "hang 
around", I was expecting another drop...30 mins later, she was 125, but she 
did have her pump off for a little to prance around in her prom gown, so that 
may have prevented a drop....
     Anyway, she just left with her friends, feeling very pleased with 
herself & carrying juice & animal crackers "just in case" she drops more......
     So to those who advocated "GETTIN' AGGRESSIVE" when all else fails to 
remedy the problems: THANK YOU!!

Regards, Renee ( a pleased pump-mom at the moment!! LOL)
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