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Re: [IP] Heard back from Dis...

On 3 Mar 00, at 19:50, email @ redacted wrote:

> Congrats!  I am also dealing with Disetronic and Jenny but we are not so 
> fortunate and will have to pay 15%.  I found out however that if we go with 
> Minimed they will cover it 100%, something to do with PPO, discounts, and 
> such.  I am very frustrated because our doc feels we should go with D, as do 
> I but we will then have to pay more.  Anyway, I'm curious to get some 
> opinions on what others think about this situation.  We were mostly 
> interested in the D for the waterproofness and the 2 pumps.  I am quite 
> frustrated and uncertain as to what direction we should now take.  We should 
> be ordering our pump next week so I need to decide what to do.  Any input 
> would be greatly appreciated!  :)

The catch is probably that MiniMed was willing to agree to take what the 
insurance company would pay and Disetronic won't accept that amount.   
This is part of the current medical landscape, with some suppliers being 
willing to take lower returns up front where others aren't as willing.  If 
you let the D rep know that you were looking at MiniMed because of the 
difference in what it is going to cost you might find out how good the rep is. 
Disetronic suddenly might "discover" a discount plan where your out-of-
pocket cost would exactly match what you'd have if you went with 
MiniMed...  If they won't talk about it then you'll have a good idea of how 
easy they are to get along with and how willing they are to work with you...
As the consumer you can quite properly ask that they "bring their prices in 
line" if they want to deal with you...  

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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