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Re: [IP] strange low behavior

When I was on MDI I used to have a lot of nighttime lows.  Apparently when I
am extremely low I speak another language, one that seems to have a lot of
"R's" in it.  My husband, when he saw what was happening, would feed me
glucose tablets & keep asking me questions until I began to respond in
English once more, then he would go get me a more substancial snack.  He
always got irked that, the  "turning point moment" I returned to a normal
understanding of the world, I would think he was incredibly stupid for not
knowing the answers to the questions he was asking me, like "What's my name?
Where do we live?"  :)

Another funny thing (although it wasn't at the time)...my former husband &
I, years ago, were woefully undereducated about D.  It seems that during the
summers when we were involved in community theatre musicals, I was getting
so much evening exercise dancing that I had a lot of nighttime lows - only
we had no idea that that's what was happening then.  When I would talk to
him in my "R language" & he couldn't understand me, he'd ask me to repeat
myself.  It seems that I am very consistant, so I would repeat the same
unintelligible phrases ver baitum (or however you spell it...I'm still
working on coffee here), so he thought that I must be speaking normally &
that HE was loosing his mind or something!  One night he cried about it,
because he couldn't get what I was saying & he thought he was dying of a
brain tumor or something.  Even then, it didn't occur to either of us that
it could have something to do with ME...we genuinely thought he was loosing
it, & he went to a doctor & had all kinds of tests done for perception
disorders!  Of course, the way we described it to the physician focused
entirely on HIS inability to understand what was being said to him...we
never did get an explanation for his mysterious disorder (go figure), but we
were very relieved when it disappeared in the fall.  As it seemed to be a
"summertime thing", we assumed it had something to do with his body's
response to extremely hot temperatures, so we started keeping the house air
conditioned all the time when it was warm out.  What's that phrase - if I
knew then what I know now...!

: )

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