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Subject: [IP] Is this normal

Hi Carol,
I second the motion - for all the money that this pump cost, and all the
effort that it is, I want for Jenna to have all target range BS also!  Who
do we protest to for these abnormals?

I whined to our endo a while back about this unpredictable-ness, and he said
that that was just the nature of diabetes.  If the pump made everything
predictable, you wouldn't have to check sugars at all, and since everyone
knows you check sugars more on the pump, that ought to tell you something.
And that the best thing about the pump was that it made it easier to correct
the out-of-target-range sugars.

There are so many combinations of hormones, "guessed at" carbs, varying
stress and exercise levels, it's just impossible to get all the readings to
target range.  I take an odd comfort in that.  In the meantime, our endo
tells us that we do a great job of getting sugars back into line quickly,
and we're "rewarded" with Jenna's most recent A-1-C of 6.6.  Gotta be happy
that the pump lets us adjust fast enough to do  this.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

<<I have had 22 readings LOWS(below 70), 50 readings HIGHS(above 140).
70 readings normal(70-140).  Avg.# of tests per day= 7.1
had to eat glucose tabs 13 days out of the 20 listed here usually in the
morning - had highs above 200 10 days out of the 20 listed
I just think with the technology of the pump I should have more days where I
have normal readings all day not just part of the day.>>

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