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Re: [IP] Meter News Articles


Just read your article on memories.  It brought back a few good ones.  I had 
one of the Glocometers.  I can't remember exactly what year it was, but I 
believe it was 1980.  I had heard about it in the Diabetes Forecaster and 
immediately wanted one.  It was big and bulky compared to the new ones of 
today.  It had to be plugged in for 15 minutes to calibrate before you could 
use it.  I had forgotten about washing the strip off.  I remember I went and 
got this big case to carry it in so I would have everything handy.  Testing 
then was really a lengthy process then compared to today. I believe I still 
have that first meter.  I've had so many of the "new toys" since then, but I 
remember how it changed my life.  

At just about the same time I was becoming unaware of the symptoms of low 
blood sugars and the new toy helped me many times to tell me that I needed to 
Today I don't know how I would handle my life at all without my 
meter(meter's) and my other great toy Mr. Pump.  

Thanks for sharing a great article with us at insulin-pumpers.org.

Nancy Shaffer 35 years diabetes and 12 years pumping.
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