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Re: [IP] Eczema


Thanks for the response, I appreciate it.  What you describe sounds very much 
like what I have also.  I noticed it seemed to be irritated by wearing 
clothes.  Know of any nudists colonies?  Don't think I would want to do that. 
 Just going without my bra is sometimes such a relief.  If it is just dry 
skin I can handle that as I have had dry skin for years.  My concern is that 
it is something that I'm either using or eating or coming in contact with.  
If it turns out to be Humalog I guess I'll just have to live with it 'cause I 
ain't gonna give up something that makes diabetes easier to handle.

By the way the skin guy said also to put ice or something cold on it if it 
itches too much. Good tip. Thanks.

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