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[IP] eye doctor update

well...i went to the eye doctor again today... he discovered a small anuerism 
in the very center of my left eye. he had to use a magnifer to find it, but he 
thinks that may be the problem. however, he is concerned there may be others 
that he isn't seeing, because they can hide in the perifery, so he is doing an 
angio test on tuesday. it's the test where they inject dye into your blood 
stream and then see where the blood pools...so, if there is any pooling, he 
will know i have more anuerisms. he isn't sure if this is the problem, but it 
could be. so, we will see what happens on tuesday. if there are any other 
anerisms, he can laser zap them with minimal problem...however, he cannot zap 
the one in the center of my eye because you can only zap ones that are off 
center, because it can damage sight...

more updates when i know more...

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