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Re: [IP] Bolus Amount To Fill Tender

At 3:58 PM -0800 3/2/00, Andrea Seitz wrote:
>I wanted to share Disetronic's response to a question,
>I posted on their Ask The Experts Website. Does anyone
>else have problems with going low after a set change?
>Have any Disetronic users tried a 0.5 bolus instead of
>1.0 bolus to refill the Tender?

Hi Andrea,

I've always used a 0.5 bolus after a set change with no problems. I've
never had any problems with running high or low using that amount. I do
sometimes run lower after a set change, but I think that's more because
it's a new and "fresher" site.

I know one woman (who's now had a kidney/pancreas transplant and so doesn't
use a pump anymore!) who would never bolus anything when she changed a set
because she went low afterwards. That was what worked for her. :-)

Hope this helps,


(Type I, 27 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
email @ redacted

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