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Re: [IP] Is this normal

> Fellow pumpers,
> I've been on the pump for almost 3 years and I've always had quite a bit
> trouble keeping a normal level. I thought the pump would help me have
> bg values most of the time but it still seems like I bounce up and down.
> this normal for a middle aged women who has been type 1 for the last 25
> years?


I know just what you're saying. I've been struggling with the same things.
It is very frustrating when bgs go high or low for no apparent reason. Great
averages, great A1Cs...but normal bgs usually less than 50% of the time.
Like Nancy, I eat the same thing for breakfast and the same thing for lunch.
But I see alot of variety in bgs. The doctors usually look at my A1C and
don't see the need to change anything. But *I* want more normal bgs! My
targets are 100-160 post-meal and 90-140 all other times. Looking at your
averages, mine are similar, but my lows and highs are more evenly
distributed. Looking at the first 20 days of January I had normal bgs 46% of
the time, lows 27%, highs 27%.

I do have to tell you that since the beginning of the year I have been
working on those lows. I upped my lower targets by about 20. I've actually
reduced my basals by almost 20%. While it hasn't helped all the ups and
downs, it has reduced my daily hypos (60 or less). Used to be daily but in
that 20 days above, only 12 occurred.

Here's what I think is/was keeping me from more normal bgs: 1) timing -
sometimes it takes the insulin longer to kick in than others which usually
results in high now, low later - am experimenting with split boluses,
waiting 15-20 mins before eating, etc.; 2) absorption - having numerous
problems with this right now; 3) dawn phenomenon - no longer a big problem
since I found out mine occurs whenever I get up - I bolus a set amount - no
longer use basal/breakfast bolus to cover this.

(D pumper since 9/96)

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