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[IP] Earn $1,000 from PayPal.com

Guys, I signed up for this today.  I owed someone
$100 for a computer but didn't feel like mailing
them a check so I used this service and it will take
money from my credit card or bank account and route
it to their checking account when they log in
to accept the money.. This is a great concept.
And I made $10 for signing up.  Sign up today
and I'll make $10 too!  
If you got this and wonder why in the heck you did
it was because I simply sent it to my complete
address book, but consider yourself lucky as this
is a really nice convenient service.

Forrest Green wanted you to know about PayPal, a
totally free service that lets you send money online to anyone
with an email address. You can use it to send money to your
friends, buy and sell items at online auctions, or request
payments from people who owe you money.

Forrest just signed up and wanted you to know that if YOU
sign up now and add a credit card to your account, you'll both
receive a $10 bonus.

And here's a message from PayPal.com:

Did you know you can email money with PayPal.com?

PayPal.com is a completely free service that lets users Pay
Money to anyone with an email address. Use PayPal.com to
settle restaurant tabs with colleagues, pay friends for movie
tickets, or buy a baseball card at an online auction - all
with the click of a mouse! PayPal charges the money to an
existing credit card or bank account. It's faster, safer and
easier than mailing a personal check.

As soon as you sign up and register your credit card,
PayPal.com will automatically send you $10! I recently signed
up for PayPal and got my $10 bonus right away.

Signing up is quick, easy and you can download the money to
your bank account at any time. No strings attached. Click on
this link to sign up and see for yourself:


After you sign up, you'll get an email like this to send to
friends and family, and PayPal.com will give you $10 for each
friend or family member (up to 100) that signs up and
registers a credit card.  It's that easy!
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