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[IP] I Think We're Gonna Make It

Were just about to quit, but things have turned the corner.   10yo Summer, 
pumping since July, was going downhill, no matter how well we carb counted 
and tested (12 times a day).  I tweeked basal numbers .1, but was chicken to 
do more.  Summer cried from hunger, even after eating a large meal.  She was 
high Half the time, 300s, and always after every meal.  We got no sleep, were 
cranky, stressed.  But since upping basals carefully, but aggressively, and 
refiguring carb ratios and correction factors, we are doing well, really 
well.  She is no longer constantly hungry and is eating less.  She doesn't 
even ask for a bedtime snack.  Upped basals, but lower TDD because of fewer 
corrections.  Happy kid, happy family.  And I have not restricted her diet 
one bit.  Post meal highs are gone, gone, gone.  Still can't do milkshakes or 
pizza yet tho.  Keep the faith you guys out there who are frusterated.  I 
know it can be done, thanks to this site I didn't give up and now know I can 
do it.  With a taste of success for the first time since beginning this 
journey, I understand what you are excited about.  Basals, basals, basals - 
carb counting - no bedtime snack.  Those are the magic ingredients for us.  
Thanks for all your private e-mails, and daily check-ins.  It made this 
possible.  Holly
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