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[IP] Hello all and I am home!!!!

Hi all my pumping and parents of pumpers and want to be pumper friends!!  I am done my surgery for thyroid and have been home since Wednesday, have talked with a few of you, and just wanted to update all on surgery.  All went well, except for the after affects of the anesthesia.  After they promised me that they would add something to my IV to help prevent the vomiting, they didn't do it good enough, because I was barely in my room after the recovery room, and lost it.  IT was painful, especially after just having my throat chopped open (sorry, but that's my opinion! hehe), but they gave me a shot of something and it stopped until the next bout with it.  My blood sugars were not the best, but I chalked it up to 1. stress, and 2, a bad site which I didn't[ know about until Thursday PM.  Sugars would not go below 200, until I got sick of it and changed site last night, been back to normal ever since!  Yippee.
Surgery went well, they removed a nodule that was about the size of a bolder (marbles/boulders) and rushed it to lab, where it came back negative.  Then they have sent it to pathology to run full tests.  My neck is stiff, but getting better slowly.  The worst part is/was sleeping at home.  I have a reclining couch and that's where I ended up sleeping the first night in major discomfort.  Hubby was on other end to help if needed.  Last night was great, slept like a baby and was sleeping on my side etc, which I could not do the first day.
So all in all, I am happy, got home from hospital on Wednesday, came to work Thursday and Friday (today) both, and having fun.  My voice is raspy, and I cough a lot, but warm coffee or tea, all decaf of course, helps tremendously.
Sally, I vaguely recall under anesthesia, your sister Sue talking to me in the recovery room!!  She said she was your sister, and I hope I didn't say anything awful while under the anesthesia!!  I will email her alter to make sure!
Thanks to all for the prayers and well wishes, it means a lot to me.
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted