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Re: [IP] Re: baseball and pumping

> Ok, we're needing some advice here.  Baseball season is about to
> start. Does Josh wear the pump or disconnect for games?  What have
> others done?
> Jodi,
> Katie is just ending her first season of basketball and I think I've
> finally got it (!) so I'll tell you what we do.  Big snack (sandwich
> and chips, etc) and regular bolus about 1 hour before practice/game,
> then disconnect during the one-hour activity, then plug her back in
> after she's done.  
> The thing that has really hung us up is her hitting lows HOURS after
> basketball (suppose it will be the same thing for soccer, huh?). 

Yep, same for soccer. The more grueling and longer the competition, 
the longer the low period will extend. If Lily plays a two day 
competition with 2 matches a day, her overall basal requirements will 
drop beginning the first day and thru the entire day following the 
matches, then creep back up again.

Gotta brag on her a little -- went to the sports awards last night, 
Her highschool plays in the toughest division in northern California. 
The team fininshed first out of all the public schools - one behind 
the private school that has won the division championship every year 
for ????? (a long time). Anyway, the division has 20 - 30 schools I 
think, Lily was named one of two kids on the team to be a First Team 
All League player -- there were a couple of other second team players 
as well. --- Pretty good for a kid whose coach was reluctant to play 
her a few years ago because of her "problem" heh... heh... 

Lily's nick name is Lily of Denial -- she a marking back (fullback).

Michael (proud dad of Lily dx'd 94, pumping 5 years)
email @ redacted
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