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Re: [IP] My first experience with Merck-Medco: Two thumbs down

> Here is the e-mail I sent Merck-Medco regarding a
> prescription for test strips.  I am also sending a
> copy to my insurance provider.  The effects probably
> won't be much different than p..ing in the ocean, but
> I feel better havng vented.

You can actually do something. Call you insurance company and ask to 
speak to the liason person FOR the insurance company -- not Merck 
(yes they do screw it up), and tell them your experience and your 
complaint. The insurance carrier is the company with whom you have 
the contract, not Merck -- it's up to them to fix the problem. Make 
sure you state it that way. You can actually threaten them at this 
point with breach of contract if they do not provide the services set 
forth in the insurance contract. Fundamentally, you don't have to 
care one way or the other about Merck's policies -- they are not 
binding on you since you have no contractual arrangement with them, 
only your primary carrier.

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