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Re: [IP] Is this normal


I've been a D for 35 years and been pumping for 12 years.  My life is very 
routine and I do mean routine.  I eat the same thing every morning for 
breakfast, the exact same thing everyday for lunch and at dinner time every 
evening that I'm home I eat a Healthy Choice Dinner.  The only thing that I 
change is my evening snack.  My Afternoon snack may stay the same for months. 
 Now, wouldn't you think that my bs would be around the same?  Never has 
happened.  There are so many things that get in the way of that happening.  
We are never going to have bs like a non diabetic.  There may be a few out 
there that have them normal most of the time, and there are still those of us 
that no matter what we do it ain't going to happen.  

I personally see nothing wrong with yours except maybe the lows bother you,  
You don't seem to be getting dangerously high and that alone is good. Highs 
are easy to fix if you test often enough to take care of them.  Even a non 
diabetic will have fluctuations in their bs.  Granted not as wide spread as 
ours and not as unstable as we may feel, but they don't know how theirs 
change because theirs are not being tested every few hours like ours.  

Since I have been on the pump mine have leveled off a lot.  I'm not off the 
mark either way that much, but no matter how hard I try and how careful I am 
they still vary throughout the day as well as from day to day.  My most 
rewarding feature of being a pumper is that I know longer go unconscious 
while sleeping which is a God send.

There are probably many people out there that will disagree with me and every 
one has their own way and their own opinion.  I personally don't want to 
dwell on it anymore as I am healthy, no complications, and not near any of 
the problems that a lot of the other people on this list seem to have.  

Don't be hard on yourself, it looks to me like you are doing fine. JMHO.

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