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Olive Garden Nutritional Info (was RE: [IP] Help with the Olive Garden)


Here's the info my book gives.  Doesn't mention carbs though.  Since I am
copying from the book, I should mention it's name.  It is "The Doctor's
Pocket Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter".  It is small (3x5?) and the
best carb book I have found.  It seems to have almost everything.  The pages
are glossy and will wear well too.  Has all general info (regular food), a
section for ethnic restaurants, and a section for "brand-name" restaurants.
Cost $6.99, ISBN 0-9587991-9-9.  Worth a look at your bookstore!

Hope this helps!

Ellen Compell (31) - Type II (insulin only)
MiniMed 507C since 1998
email @ redacted <mailto:email @ redacted> 

Lunch                             Cal/Fat/Carb
	Capellini Pomadora, 12 oz,  		380/10/60
	Capellini Primavera (Reg),13 oz,  	350/7/58
		With Chicken, 16 oz,		510/13/59
	Chicken Giardino, 13oz,			360/9/47
	Linguine ala Marinara, 10.5 oz,	330/6/57
	Shrimp Primavera, 16 oz,		400/6/61
	Capellini Pomadora, 19.5 oz,  	620/16/98
	Capellini Primavera (Reg), 24 oz,	600/12/99
		With Chicken, 27 oz, 		760/18/101
	Chicken Giardino, 21 oz,		550/12/71
	Grilled Chicken Capri, 21 oz,		550/12/52
	Linguine ala Marinara, 17 oz,		530/9/94
	Shrimp Primavera, 30 oz,		730/12/105
Soup & Breadstick
	Minestrone Soup, 6 oz,			100/1/17
	Breadstick, Plain, 1 stick		140/2/26
	Apple Carmelina, 12 oz,			560/2/131

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