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[IP] Is this normal

Fellow pumpers,
I've been on the pump for almost 3 years and I've always had quite a bit of
trouble keeping a normal level. I thought the pump would help me have level
bg values most of the time but it still seems like I bounce up and down. Is
this normal for a middle aged women who has been type 1 for the last 25
years? I recently went to my doctor and was in disagreement with him about
increasing my basels, so for the last 20 days I have been carefully keeping
track of everything. Here's some of my averages, I won't bore you with the
details but can any of you tell me if you experience the same things.

			dawn		fasting	post breakfast	lunch		post lunch		dinner	post dinner
	Averages	114.00	123.85	127.72		134.47	141.50		117.67	123.27	140.88
These averages don't seem too bad but out of the 20 days taken into account
here I have had
22 readings LOWS(below 70)

50 readings HIGHS(above 140)

70 readings normal(70-140)
Avg.# of tests per day= 7.1
had to eat glucose tabs 13 days out of the 20 listed here usually in the
had highs above 200 10 days out of the 20 listed
I just think with the technology of the pump I should have more days where I
have normal readings all day not just part of the day.

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