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Re: [IP] overseas training

In a message dated 3/3/00 6:43:28 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I am going to London for holiday, (love those frequent flyer points) and I 
 was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for my pump.  We lived in the UK 
 so I have crossed the pond about 5-6 times while on mdi and always had a 
 rough time with jet lag and unstable bld. sgrs.  This will be my first 
 "crossing of the pond" with a pump.  My endo. suggested as soon as I hit 
 London to change basals/time on my pump to uk time, and start eating on a 
 British time schedule.   Said I shoud be fine.  Would appreciate any 
 or advice.  >>

Hi Kindra

I went to Germany over the holidays and did this: Every time the airline 
served a meal, I reset my pump to match the approximate time that I normally 
eat that meal. When I landed, I reset the time to local time. I didn't do too 
badly -- ran a wee bit on the low side for a couple of days after I got there 
(but could have been due to higher activity levels). Then I ran a bit higher 
for a couple of days after I got back (but could have also been due to 
greatly lessened activity due to sleeping off two hits of jet lag in one 

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