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[IP] the pump a nicety or necessity

Hi fellow pumpers,

I have been diabetic for 15 yesr and on the pump for
about 5.  the current 507 i recieved in 1996.
I called minimed after approval of the doctor for an
upgrade to the 508.  Minimed said they would get back
to me.  I recieved a call from my  rep at minimed who
has contacted the company who will supply the minimed
508 for me ( who  supplies the pump supplies, which
were a week later than they promised , very poor
customer service) to get approval based on the fact
that I work 12 hour shifts and have several basals
that I have to program on off days and on days.  
The rep at the company who would supply the pump said
and I quote because I called him after minimed said
the upgrade would not be permitted,   "why do you need
a Mercedes when you already have a BMW"  he also said
that it was a nicety to be able to  switch from an on
work day to an off work day not a necessity and that i
was just seekin g a new product.   If this is the case
then why is there an upgrade program in place??  I am
very frustrated!!

What gives this man a right to say this stuff if the
CDE and the md say that it would be necessity for
better control.  I am going to call the insurance
company itself and tell them how unhappy I am with the
company and the service they provide ( by the way I
have Aetna hmo of AZ) .

Anyway any suggestions, Minimed says their hands are
tied, I guess calling the insurance agency is the next
thing to do.  This insurance agency did not even pay
for the first pump as I have recently moved and
acquired new insurance.  Anyway thanks for listening

Any suggestions please write me, 
 email @ redacted

thanks Hope

Hope Horsford
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