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Re: [IP] Unexplained Highs Explained (Possibly)

>"The D-Tron will also have a couple of unique features.

Here is the article:

Not to be putdone, Disetronic is launching it's new D-Tron pump this 
spring, with an upgrade offer expected shortly for those buying the current 
H-Tron. Thinner and slightly taller than the H-Tron and 508, it will have 
additional features like alternate basal profiles, easy pump programming to 
set the size of bolus steps, vibration and audio notification, precise 
measurement of residual insulin, backlighting, lots of additional memory 
for basals and boluses, etc.
The D-Tron will also have a couple of unique features. One is a patented 
pressure sensor designed to detect both early occlusions and leaks. If 
successful, it will be the only pump capable of detecting leaks, and may 
begin to make a major dent in unexplained highs that seem to plague certain 
pumpers as well as certain teflon sets that are prone to tunneling. It will 
also have a simple infrared (IR) output, which can picked up by most of the 
IR ports available today, for easy downloading of data to a PC.
Disetronic plans to continue production of their current H-Tron pumps, 
which will make them the first pump company to offer customers three 
distinct pump models (Dahedi, H-Tron and D-Tron). The H-Tron may be 
repackaged and released as a single pump, rather than the current two pump 
offering, perhaps with a longer time interval between manufacturer checkups 
(currently 24 months). If it's cost is reduced, the repackaged H-Tron may 
be an enticing pump for HMOs, insurance plans, and Medicare.

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