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[IP] ] the pump and the pill

erinn wrote:
>  when i go off the pill, for that one week
>  where you get your period and you're on placebos, my 
> blood sugars drop drastically. does it make sense that 
> since my body isn't getting those hormones, it has 
> less to "fight" with to get my BG down?  

I think "most" women will report a significant DROP in basal rwequirements 
the day their period starts.  Read mary Jean's FAQ on the subject on the web 
site.  personally, the week before, I raise myt basals across the board by .1 
- .3, the day I start, I can EXPECT to wake up with a bg of SUB 80...so i 
know it is time to track down the feminine hygiene products AND lower my 
basal rates, in that order...tee hee

It is a NOTICEABLE pattern to me.  You can set your watch by my period and 
the havoc it wreaks on my bg....but at least knowledge allows me to 
compensate (or try to anyway....if i throw PIZZA in the mix, well then, 
anything goes...)

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