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Re: [IP] vaculance

My son is 6 and has been using the vaculance for 2 years (and he is very 
thin).  The vaculance was a little frustrating for me at first but as soon as 
I got the nack of it I have LOVED it and so has my son!  If you haven't tried 
different techniques with it let me tell you how we use it....  First you 
place the vaculance flat against any area of the body that has a little bit 
of fat.  We use his arms ( top and bottom ), legs ( top and bottom ), butt, 
hips, stomach, and once used the palms but my son said it was painful there.  
Once you have it placed flat on the skin you press the trigger until it 
pricks the skin(we use the deepest setting because it tends to bruise less, 
my son says it doesn't hurt him at all and, like I said, he is very thin).  
Once the skin has been pricked you should not release the vacuum suction on 
the skin, pump the trigger a few times and then release it and let it sit on 
the skin - it will suck a drop of blood to the surface.  If you don't get 
enough blood you can pump it a few more times.  It may take a little while to 
get the hang of it but in the long run it will be a huge benefit as the 
fingers won't be all calloused and sore, etc.  My son won't allow me to even 
think about pricking his fingers again, he LOVES his vaculance and I tell 
everyone we know about it.  Anyway, I hope that this will help you, please 
write me if you have any more trouble or would like some more suggestions.  

                        email @ redacted
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