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[IP] Bolus Amount To Fill Tender

I wanted to share Disetronic's response to a question,
I posted on their Ask The Experts Website. Does anyone
else have problems with going low after a set change?
Have any Disetronic users tried a 0.5 bolus instead of
1.0 bolus to refill the Tender?

Andrea Seitz

Date : 02/11/00 06:19PM 
Conference: Ask The Experts 
Sender : jlavintompkins 
Subject : Re: Bolus Amount To Fill Tender 

    Hi Andrea. Thanks for your question and I
apologize for the delay in getting you an answer. The
package insert for the Tender advises a bolus of
0.5-1.0 units to fill the empty space in the cannula
after the introducer needle is removed. That is
because the exact amount is somewhere inbetween,
closer to .75 units. However, because the pump will
not deliver .75 units, you need to decide whether or
not to give .5 or 1.0. If you are getting low after
inserting a new set and bolusing 1 unit, you may want
to try 0.5.

Date : 01/28/00 06:10PM 
Conference: Ask The Experts 
Sender : email @ redacted 
Subject : Bolus Amount To Fill Tender 

    After applying a Tender infusion set, what is the
exact amount needed to fill the canula? During my
start education, I was told 0.7 but on the Disetronic
website it is listed as 0.5  Just asking because, I
have a tendency to drop low after set changes.
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