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[IP] My first experience with Merck-Medco: Two thumbs down

Here is the e-mail I sent Merck-Medco regarding a
prescription for test strips.  I am also sending a
copy to my insurance provider.  The effects probably
won't be much different than p..ing in the ocean, but
I feel better havng vented.

I have made my first and last attempt to utilize your
services.  My daughter's prescription for Glucometer
Elite test strips was "rejected by our insurance."  I
find this very contradictory, since her strips have
ALWAYS been covered through our local pharmacy. So, I
must conclude, someone at Merck-Medco isn't performing
their job properly.  I don't feel I must jump through
hoops in order to satisfy every little nuance of your
convoluted policies.  The amount of aggravation you
apparently intend cause me is not worth the monetary
I have heard many, many people complain about your
service.  I had decided to at least give you a chance.
 Ok...I did that.  I will post my dissatisfaction at
an insulin-pumpers web site, where many other members
have also expressed their irritation about your
I hope someone takes the time to really read this &
perhaps institue some positive policy changes.

Judy (mom of Elissa, age 19, pumping 15 years)


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