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Re: [IP] ready to quit the pump-help

> I think I am ready to get the Pumping Insulin book.  I hesitated
> because I thought that it was based on some type of insulin other
> than H.  Is there an updated version for H users?  I thought the
> majority of pumpers used H.  Also, what is "Veloinsulin" or whatever
> it is called?  How do I get this book?

go to 


The only real difference in the Humalog is that you must use 2 hours 
for the peak time rather than the 4 hours mentioned for regular in 
the book. Their are links on the books page for the Humalog 
supplement material. A new edition is due out in the next few months, 
but the basic material in the book is sound and not really dependent 
on the type of insulin you use.
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