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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #976

My son Deemie (17yo/5yr dx/ 1 1/2 on minimed) has just recently developed an
annoying problem.  he suffers fron chronic and eternal flattulence.  He
breaks wing at least 25 times an hour, asleep or awake.  It has become a
problem for him in school.  He is on the golf team and he involuntaraily
lets a biggie fly on every full shot just when he strikes the ball.  It
doesn't happen when hre putts.  So he doesn't poot when he putts, but he
poots everytome he takes a full swing, even his practice swing.  Does anyone
else have this problem.  It seemed to happen when he went on the pump.
Everything else about the pump has been overwhelmingly positive.  I need
some help also because after a 36 hole day his shorts are almost ruined.
all suggestions will be considered.  His endo says the problem is not
related to his diabetes.
Thanks for your help and for listening,

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