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[IP] Re:CDE and pump eating

Hi all yes my CDE eats pumps! No just kidding just struck me when I read the 
subject that is how it sounded.Our CDE keeps telling me Ryan still needs to 
eat on time and needs his snacks. She is really nice but I dont think she 
has caught on to the freedom the pump gives you so I just nod my head then 
go home and do what I want because I tried to explain it to her before.I 
know Ryan still needs food to grow but I dont think he needs to eat 4 snacks 
a day plus 3 meals.So we did cut out his morning snack and it is easier to 
see what the basals are doing.If he is hungry I let him have a snack but if 
not why should he be eating.I must admit for awhile I made him have a snack 
everynight before bed but that was habbit from before.

Bonnie thank you for your kind words about Parents that was really nice.
Lori mom of Ryan
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