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Hi All,

Have a question: Have any of you Humalog users ever gotten an itchy kind of a 
rash not at the site but anywhere else on the body?  I have gotten this itchy 
stuff and the skin guy says it's eczema  He is having me use this really 
greasy stuff called Elma twice a day and telling me my skin is dry and that 
is the problem.  Well, it isn't that dry not with this Elma.  When I get in 
the shower the water beads on me like a freshly waxed car.  I still itch and 
the stuff will move around on me.  It looks like poison ivy and itches like 
it too.  I know how dry skin itches and it isn't the same type of itch to me. 
 Anyhow, I;m afraid that I have traced it down to the insulin and am hoping 
that it isn't because I really like the Humalog.

Thanks, Nancy pumping 12 years
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