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Re: [IP] Pizza Hut- Sara

Thanks for the reply.  Don't fret, Matt is by no means "denied". We both 
choose not to go to Pizza Hut. We were only going there because we had 
purchased fund raiser coupons. Pizza Hut isn't Matt's favorite anyway.  And 
Pizza Hut is the only pizza he's "denied"  He has pizza atleast once a week, 
loves it, without problems, thankgoodness!  And he does get his "cupcake" and 
eats them too!  Matt is enjoying a more normal lifestyle now that he's 
diabetic than before diagnosis. Matt was truly "denied" everything and 
anything before diagnosis, because i thought they made him "act up", so i 
took them out of his diet thinking, he was having an allergic reaction.  Matt 
was grateful to be diagnosed. Now he knows whats wrong. Now that he's 
pumping, he eats anything, and almost everything he wants, when he wants. So 
don't worry about my Matty............thanks for thinking of him. I'll tell 
him you will keep me in line..........the next time i tell him no to 
something he will most definately tell me, but Sara said i could!  He, 

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