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Re: [IP] ready to quit the pump-help

Our goals for the pump were to even out numbers, eliminate middle of the 
night seizures, and to achieve greater flexibility.  She did have a lot of 
lows which I am sure brought the AIC down.  We have already eliminated most 
of the lows, but are still running high too much of the time. I could tell 
shots were not going to work in the long run, and since the pump was 
available.....  I showed her all the great responses from the group on the 
e-mail I sent out.  She is snacking less, and eating healthier, lower carb 
foods this week; no bagels, cookies etc.  The shots got her hooked on a 
bedtime snack every night, so we are trying to wean her off those by 
providing very low carb snacks such as humus and a few crackers, cold sliced 
chicken, carrot and celery sticks.  She could loose 5-10 pounds and so the 
reduced caloric intake of the healthier, lower carb foods is a motivator.You 
are so right about a "bite here and a bite there" and trying to mini-bolus.  
It doesn't' work.  You have to stretch food intake out more than that.  
Anyway, thanks!
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