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[IP] Pizza Hut- Mag

>Matt is probably too young to remember those days when everyone in
>class got a cup cake at Johnny's birthday, and WE, the defective, got a
>shiny red apple...

I remember (at four years old) my brother and his freinds getting a full plate 
at birthday parties and me getting no roll to the frankfurter and no cake....

(And I'm the one with the crummy memory).

I also remember being in the hospital for what seems like forever at four with 
DKA (it was about two weeks) because the candy stripers kept giving me huge 
glasses of OJ because they felt sorry for me.  Until my parents decided to 
stay 24*7 and watch what was going on....

Yerachmiel, who wants his glucose sensor enabled pump NOW
(But is willing to settle for six months for just a working sensor)

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