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Re: [IP] cancer and DM


Hi I'm Nancy and I'm the one that started the boob site thing.  I had heard 
of someone else that tried the boob and I ask if anyone on here had done so.  
I did try it last Sat. when I changed my site.  It is still in the same place 
and doing really well.  Now I did stick it really high on my boob more like 
the chest area rather than the actual boob.

I had just taken a break from the internet a little while ago and the phone 
rang and it was my Dr. He often calls at night as this is when he finds his 
patients at home.  I had just had a mammogram done last week and his nurse 
called me the other day to tell me everything was all right.  I told her what 
I had done with the infusion set and she of course passed it on to the Dr. 
When I answered the phone and he said who he was he immediately said I hear 
you found a new place to put your infusion set.  It really took me by 
surprise and I said do you think that it is not good to do that.  He ask 
exactly where I had placed it and I told him and he said how are your sugars? 
 They haven't been this good this long since I can remember.  He said as long 
as I'm getting good absorption he didn't feel it would do any harm.

About 10 mins later I get back on line and your post was the only one I had. 
I didn't know about what you said about the start of breast cancer and I 
guess I really need to step back and weigh all the pros and cons.  I know I 
wouldn't leave it in if there was even the slightest bit of discomfort and I 
surely don't intend on using the boobs that often.
It was quite exciting, however how much better my bg's have been and too bad 
that now I have to worry about something even more dangerous.  

I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through what you must have gone through. 
 My best friend had this happen to her two years ago and it took her a while 
to get back on her feet but she is now back teaching full time and is doing 
very well.  Hope that you are doing equally as well.

Thanks for the sound advice and I'm sure the others on here will read it too 
and appreciate what you have said.

Nancy 35years D 12 years pumping.
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