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[IP] question

Question--the appt is getting closer(March 7) for the pump evaluation. 
I am working really hard to work out some questions.  so this really
frustrated me this morning.

Paddy was a WONDERFUL number this am  146 upon awakening!  YEAH!  I
finally got things adjusted properly!  Not wanting to lose this lead, I
made sure to exactly time the insulin dose/wait half hour to eat(we
usually just do his reading lesson which takes more or less 1/2 hour,
and he is usually much higher)

Gave him 8R/13NPH  (still on MDI)

Exactly 1/2 hr later when we went in to breakfast he was 296???????? 

It does not seem likely to me that he could have dropped low and
rebounded that fast.  Nor does the delayed phenom(which he does
have--soon as he starts moving around he goes up) seem likely as he was
fairly sedentary just reading and it was earlier than usual and he was
lower than usual.  I was with him every second so I know he did not
cheat--although I don't need to be.  He is not a food sneaker.

Any ideas?

someimtes you gotta do this!  I swear I will not feel guilty about the
one or two times a month I ABSOLUTLY have to sleep and sorta stuff him,
but I usually do! LOL

>I told myself I was not
> staying up all night again I needed some sleep so for snack I got him to eat
> poridge as it makes him go a little high.
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