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Re: [IP] number of strips/copay

First of all you need to contact your ins. co. and ask how many strips they 
allow for a 30 day supply.  If they say 200 and your doctor says you need 300 
due to frequent testing ask them what you need to do to get an override done. 
 In my case my doctor had to FAX info to the ins. company and let them know I 
test frequently throughout the day and night.  I was able to get the override 
done.  Depending on how "hard nosed" your ins. company is you or your doctor 
may need to include more info.(they should let you know what they need)  I 
started by calling my ins. co. and telling them I had a prescription for 300 
strips per 30 days and asked what I needed to do to have the prescription 
approved. I had to call my doctors office and they handled it from there but 
I kept tabs with the ins. co as to what was going on. Keep notes on who you 
talk to and what they tell you needs to be done to resolve your situation.  
This can be very frustrating but once everything is approved and you have 
your strips it is a great relief.  Also, it sounded like Walmart wasn't clear 
that 300 strips meant per month not 300 for that one prescription.  $20 for 
an additional 100 strips in your situation is obviously wrong (I'm sure you 
told them). I would really question the pharmacist there to see if they 
understand what is going on in your situation!  Good Luck!

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