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[IP] Miscellaneous anecdotes about PIZZA ;-()

My $.02:

Pizza Hut:  I have to admit my kids thought Pizza Hut was the food they most
liked when we visited Paris, France, last year.  Everything else was too
exotic.  We even had a pizza in a place owned by a Greek, and it included a
poached egg!

(The restaurant we ate at more than any other in Paris was Chinese!)

I also ate a poached egg pizza in Florence.  It was great.  Tomato, cheese,
crust, sausage and egg.  Maybe even an anchovy.  IMO, conclusion:  all
restaurants in Italy have great pizza.

My 8 year-old son ordered a "pepperoni" pizza in Venice, and it came back
drenched in ground cayenne pepper, and the waiter explained that was what he
had ordered.  We sent it back, amidst the waiter's protests.  Maybe the
correct word was "salsiccha".

Domestically, the finest (IMO) is the pan pizza at Geno's East, in Chicago,
followed by pan pizzas at Lou Malnatti's (1-800-LOU-TO-GO), which delivers
nationwide, via FedEx have your credit card ready, and Pizza Due. (all in

Geno's, and you will spend $50+ for a family of four, is in a large old
apartment building filled with worn carpet, cubbyholes, dim lighting, and
lots of graffiti, except in the bathrooms (which are exceptionally clean).
Also recommended, the fried calamari with marinara sauce.  There is a half
an hour wait outside on the sidewalks on slow nights, more on weekends.
It's kind of rough if the temperature is 20 degrees with a north breeze,
which it was.

Here in much warmer Austin, Texas, a certified nutritionist has come up with
a pizza (Mangia Pizza, 1-512-478-6600) with a nutrition statement meeting
the national guidelines for healthy diets (less than 30% calories from fat).
It is a stuffed pizza with white or wheat lower and upper crusts, stuffed
with spinach and cheese in roughly equal amounts.  For take-out the pie is
half baked without sauce and the sauce is supplied separately for dipping or
pouring.  My favorite has the above baked with Canadian Bacon with
gardeniera peppers; these peppers, olives and celery  marinated in
vinaigrette heavy on olive oil and then sliced (supplied separately) for

Most if not all of the pizzas recommended heretofore are probably
represented on the WWW.

I have found that pumping makes it easy to go gastronomically wild and stay
in control!


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