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Re: [IP] what happened ??

>  6:15--266 supl1.0
> bolus.8 (beans)
> 9:15--409 sup2.0   lately evenings go up (not usually this high)
> 11:15--347sup1.0  checked site-Lacey it felt OK
> 1am--336 sup.8
> 2am--293              thinking OK she is on her way down
> sleep
> 5:30--393               finally change site
> ketones small
> 6:45--292
> 9am--126

did lacey's #'s finally stabilize?  if so...then it was prob. the site.

if not...it could be a growth cycle.  we have these often with geneva, age
11 in two weeks.

I have to 'up' her basals across the board by about 40% during these times.
it always starts suddenly.  a high , unexplained BG.  then it happens later.
we look at each other and exclaim  "growth spurt"!   then...it will suddenly
go back to 'normal'.

we have dusk phenomena also.  this is when geneva goes high around 9-10
pm...usually as she falls asleep. her basal goes from 1.2 at 8 pm to 1.3 at
10 pm.  then...as in lacey's case,  she starts to drop quite quickly between
1 and 2 am.  she is on a 0.3-0.4 basal until 6 am.

so, we always have two variables working here.  the normal nightime
hormone/growth thing AND the big growth spurt thing!

mom to geneva...who is now back (for god knows how long....) in a 'normal'
BG stage.

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