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[IP] number of strips/copay

I apologize in advance if this question has been covered.  Can someone
please explain to me how one goes about getting the maximum number of strips
/ copay?  My scrip is for 300 strips, but walmart will only fill 200 at a
time because they say that's all my plan allows.  My copay is $20.  $20 for
200 strips seems a lot higher than what many of you pay.  My insurance is
BC/BS of TN.  I assume somewhere my plan says what the maximum amount is, or
what time period can be covered by a single copay, but it's all greek to me.
Adding to my frustration if the fact that walmart recently gave me 100
strips for my $20 copay, because they said that that was what remained on my
300-strip scrip following the previous refill of 200!  If anyone can give me
simple directions for determining what my plan allows, or if any of you have
the same plan i do, please respond, privately if you wish:
email @ redacted  Thank you.
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