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[IP] Mailorder Prescriptions

Ok, what works for me in this situation may not work for you...but here

First, I have BCBS of MA and they use ExpressScripts for their mailorder
prescriptions.  My doctor wrote the prescription for three months and I
didn't have time to mail it off and wait for my supplies.  So I took the
script to CVS and when I went to pick up what I thought would be a one month
supply, I actually got my 3-month supply.  Apparently the CVS bills the
supplies out to the approved mail order company.  So in my case they billed
the supplies out to ExpressScripts.  So in effect CVS is ordering my 3-month
supply for me and I pick it up from him.  This is nice since I don't have to
worry about it sitting on my doorstep and I can get them 2 hours after
calling in the supplies.  Now this might not be the way they are supposed to
do it, but I won't complain.  I pay my copay on the 3-month supply of each
item just as if it was a one month supply.  The only things they can't get
for me this way are Allergy Meds and Birth Control, for that I get one-month
at a time, but then again that is how the script was written.

Second, for pump supplies my last insurance company let me get them from
MiniMed.  Then at the first of the year my insurance changed to BCBS of MA.
They said I could only get supplies from instate and mentioned a few local
DME suppliers in my area. (A firestation and a Prosthetics Lab).  Obviously
not good choices.  I called MiniMed and told them my problem.  They said
they would work on it and took all my info.  I got a call this morning and
my supplies are covered 100% by my insurance company, except for the
batteries.  (I can live with that).   So so much for helpful insurance
companies. :)
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