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[IP] Re: strange behavior/pizza

Last week, my son Josh went wandering into our school library.  One of his friends said he "looked right thru her" and didn't say a word.  She went to get one of the guys and said there was something wrong with Josh.  He took one look, knew immediately and told Josh they needed to go and test.  Eric turned his back for a minute, and Josh was gone. Found him down watching the  elementary kids in PE.  Grabbed him and hauled him to where Josh's meter is.  After poking his finger 7-8 times, finally got enough blood to test.  Josh disappears again.  Eric saw a flash go by a door, Josh is outside and offered to race Eric around the building.  Fortunately, Eric is 6'5", josh is 5'6".  So
Eric picked him up and hauled him to the lunch room.  Thank goodness for good (big) friends.

Another gal told me her son once ate a science test.  After treatment, came back to the room and asked where "his" test was--couldn't figure out why the whole class howled with laughter.

I figure if we don't laugh about it, we'll cry.  Laughing is much easier on mascara!!

Josh's mom and ardent believer in his right to Pizza Hut, no matter what happens later!

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