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Re: [IP] Pizza Hut- Mag

Ain't that the truth Sherry.  I can't remember how many times my mother
would give me a plate of fruit thinking how good it was for me.   I loved
it too, all that pure sugar.  An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but
it sure didn't apply to endocrinologists :-)
P.S. to Sara--- you go girl--I like your pizza response. Now I want a pizza
date with you!

<Sad isn't it that to me that shiny red apple did more damage to my blood
<sugars then the cupcake would have. Cupcake for me takes a few hours to
kick in
<where the apple is almost instant.  I had more spikes from fruit growing
up then I
<ever did with those treats.
<- -- Sherry

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