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[IP] what happened ??

I feel like I'm writing something someone else has already wrtten.I have
been reading here at IP and alot of times Hear"what happened last night".
That is also what I am asking-
 We are just coming out of a flu or virus however Bg has been OK
Lacey tends to sometimes go up at night and need a little extra time and/or
insulin to bring her down. We are still working out basals so things are not
real stable yet.
 6:15--266 supl1.0
bolus.8 (beans)
9:15--409 sup2.0   lately evenings go up (not usually this high)
11:15--347sup1.0  checked site-Lacey it felt OK
1am--336 sup.8
2am--293              thinking OK she is on her way down
5:30--393               finally change site
ketones small
Was it the site?Had to be right.We can't remember if the last change was 2
or 3 days ago. We have never had a site go before. Is this typically what
you see?
Thanks for any advice you can give.

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