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Re: [IP] Pizza Hut- Lori

Jim, I do Pizza Hut every Friday.  I have no problem if I figure each slice
of Pepperoni pizza regular crust
to be about 40 carb equivalents.  so for my 2 slices and a beer, I bolus
about 7 -8 U and I'm fine.  I know pizza can be tricky, but so are lots of
other things.  If you really like something, its no big deal to keep trying
to figure it out.  Just forget what the books say and keep increasing your
bolus till it works :-)  Good luck.

> Pizza Hut sauce does taste sweet to me too!  I never thought of the sauce
being part of the problem too!!!!!!!!!
<<<<<<< It's probably more the amount of cheese and how much fat is in the
cheese.  Whatever it is, when you get pizza figured out, let the rest of us
know, OK?  8-)>>>>>>>>Jim Handsfield

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