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[IP] Advice Seakers

It's the teacher in me that has to speak...

Just a word of advice to those who ask for advice. There are several
factors the effect your bgs, basal, bolus effectiveness. Think of the
whole thing like a scale for measuring weight. On the left is insulin
and on the right is food and the pointer indicates bg.

                      -     BG     +
  III                        l                        CARBS
 IIIII                      l                        FOOD
 IIIII                      l                        CARBS
The balance point on the scale can be shifted to the by basal dosages,
illness, drugs, exercise, body fat ratio, stress, excitement, hormones,
insulin activity among other factors. If I eat much food, with the
balance point in the same place and the same dosages (Basal and Bolus),
it can result in high bgs. With all that the same and having run 10
miles yesterday the bg may be normal. If I increase my basal dosage with
H then the balance point will shift to the right and my bgs will drop
and if I lower my basal dosage the balance point will shift to the left
and my bgs will rise.

This is a very simplistic way of viewing the D but it may help a few of
you. What I tying to day is that is not just a few factors that may be
effecting you bgs and when you send in a message asking for advice be
careful. The advice you may be given is based on a great deal of
experience by all of us. However the factors that must be taken into
consideration by the one with the D of the person treating them must
consider ALL of the possible factors and not look for a simple solution.

Read all you can, experiment all you can, learn all you can, keep your
senses open for input all the time. In all of my 29 years w/D I am still
learning and checking to be sure I'm on track all the time.

If you are looking for advice give the Pumping Ds all the info you can
muster and you may be thrilled with the info that comes you way, but
beware that only you the one with the D can know all the real factors
that need to be considered in all your daily management of the D.

Thanks to those who are speaking up. I switched to H from V a few weeks
ago and I could kick myself for not doing it ages ago. My endo is really
out of touch and I did it on my own. This is great.

Hope this helps some Ds get the most out of their D.

Thank you,

Stephen Woodward
email @ redacted

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