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Hate to disagree with you but the ER doc most likely didn't do a good test,
but the endo did.  That is an average of sugars, and it is pretty on target.

>I hate to tell you but someone messed up in your doctor's office.
>(Unfortunately they probably won't admit it!  I had a ER doctor do an
>Accucheck and get a reading of 140, my meter said 340 at the same time.
>The lab test came back at 319-but her meter was right because they
>calibrate it every day! Oh well, enough ranting! :-)) Diabetes
>Self-Management magazine had a article about various blood tests for
>measuring overall control and they highlighted the fructosamine test.
>According to the article a fructosamine level of 250 would mean your
>average blood glucose level would be 120 and your HbA1c would be 6.  Since
>your level was lower at 210 YOU ARE DOING GREAT!  You can read the article
>in the May June 1998 issue of Diabetes Self-Management or read the entire
>article online at:
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