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[IP] Frequent basal changes

I too have frequent basal changes -- and have still managed to convulse
and need glucagon one night recently (yes Michael, my husband always
tries glucose first, but after 15 minutes there was no change).  I'd had
4 Dex about 2 hours earlier to treat a bg of 40 too.  I checked my
basals the next night, and the results were perfect -- rose about 20
over a four hour period late night / morning Like Laura, my insulin to
carb ratio changes, as does my correction for highs.  I feel horrible
when high (my definition is > 200), but I only correct when I am over
200.  During the last month I've my two highest glucometer readings
ever, 458 and 430.  I've also had a number of 17s.  I recognize the
lows, but admit that during a meeting I sometimes choose not to leave
until finished.  My last A1c was great (5.2 with normal range being 4.5
- 6.5) -- but I wish that I felt anything like the number sounds I
should have.  I'm not trying to have low bgs, but I don't dare make
changes too fast.  While it has been this way for over ten years, it has
become dramatically more difficult to balance all of the many variables
in the past year.  I've eliminated many of the variables, and have less
flexibility in my life than I ever had.  I don't think that it is the
pump's fault, but we all need to realize that this is not a perfect
solution.  I don't think that the perfect solution should rule life
though.  I have 3 beautiful daughters, a great husband, and a job that I
love -- and I'm living in a place that is my favorite.  Life is good but
definitely a challenge.

My endo suggested during my last appointment that I should be beginning
the transplant process.  It appears as though the exocrine functions
(metabolizing proteins and fats) aren't functioning well either.   My
kidneys are still ok, so it will definitely be an insurance fight.

Does anyone still have Barry Bruce's email address?

Take card

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