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Joanne wrote:

> I've only been on the pump for a bit over a month.  I THOUGHT I was doing 
> just great!  I check at least 8 to 10 times a day 

YOU ARE!  dont get dicouraged by a number....by now you have probably gotten
lots of other answers... but I can never ignore a cry for......

> HELP!  I went this morning to get an [SNIP] Frutosamine Test....
> that tests for sugar over the past month.  The test ....said my 
> average was 210!  Well, not according to my log.

First of all...the fructosamine is just that...an average...it looks at a
bigger picture, whereas your meter is only looking at the 8-10 times per day
you tested.  There are, fortunately, another 1,430 minutes in the day when you
(and I and everyone ELSE) are NOT testing their blood sugar.  Unless you NEVER
have highs or lows when you test, and your basals and boluses are always
correct, then the average you get on your meter is not going to ACCURATELY
reflect what is really going on in your body.

For me, I know I test MORE during extreme situations (high or low) than I do
when I am "normal."  I am curious and like to see how fast I drop or
rise...usually I want to eat or go to the gym so I want to see I am going in
the right direction.  These extra tests, for obvious reasons, "skew" the
meter's average.  The lab tests are not skewed,  they just look at how much
sugar or protein or whatever they are measuring is stuck to your blood cell
and come up with an AVERAGE.  So as you say, you have been having lots of
lows, so perhaps, you are testing more during these frequent episodes...which
makes the average on your meter go down...it does NOT eliminate the fact that
you may be running 210 or higher "on average" for the rest of the day, nor is
it anything that should freak you out!

For your meter to be 100% accurate, you would have to be hooked into a
continuous glucose monitor...so you can get your minute by minute blood sugars
and derive your "average" from that.  

Lets say you go to bed at 11 pm with a bg of 125...If you did not get up at
3am to test, you dont know if you shot up to 300 due to a delay in absorbtion
since you ate pizza at 9pm...or you had an air bubble in your tubing..You were
high all night...then say you started your period (PING) and your insulin
demands dropped like a rock, or maybe the air bubble passed, so your basal was
enough to correct the high, and you wake up at 135 - not too bad for having
been 300 for almost 7 hours!!  This 7 hour "black hole of knowledge" will have
a FAR greater affect on your over all fructosamine and A1C "average" than will
a quick 280 after a miscalculated lunch bolus, which is easily rectified in a
couple of hours.  AND it will have an affect on the lab tests, but not your
meter since the only tests you did were the one at bed time and the one in the
morning, which were both great.    

Basically I'd say not to put so much stock in the "averages" and the "numbers"
Check often, stay stable and avoid highs and lows.  My last A1C was 7.2, UP
from 6.9 the previous time.  My doctor was actually happier with 7.2 because
he felt the 6.9 indicated a lot of swings and lows...and based on my log and
my meter...that was kinda true.  


*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
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