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Re: [IP] Prescriptions


up to 10 % of all people taking claritin (or allegra)experience dry 
mouth or nose, which can lead to nose bleeds.  As far as the elevated 
sugar goes, I am not aware of the REGULAR claritin (or allegra) tablets 
causing this however, claritin D (allegra D) both contain sudafed, which 
can make your sugar go up.  The claritin syrup contains sugar which can 
also cause it to rise.  I am not sure about the reditabs.  I guess to 
answer your question, it depends on what your taking.  As for starting 
amoxicillin, It sounds like he may have an infection which can also be a 
disaster for sugars.

Hope that my over-priced pharmacy education could help you some.

Joy Spoljaric
DM '82
MM '97
PharmD '99
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