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[IP] Jan's grandson

email @ redacted wrote:
> LOL  Reminds me in a way of the time my 7 y/o grandson (non-DM) got a little
> scratch on his hand and came running to me, wailing and crying as though he'd
> had a limb chopped off. In the midst of all the angst, he settled down, looked
> at me, and said, "This would probably be a good time to check my sugar." Then
> started wailing again. There wasn't even enough blood coming from the 
> "owie" to fill an Advantage Comfort Curve.

Why does this sound like a member of the Chait family to me?????  :) :)

Actually, I think that when a non-DM kid gets a cut or scrape might be a
very good time to do a BG check -- first, because by David's very words,
he is trying to understand what YOU do, and the hands-on experience
would help.

Second, if a child is a sibling of a DMer, it would be an opportunity to
include the child in the DMer's life -- make that child know that s/he
is important too! Plus the off-chance that you might be able to pick up
some information about the child -- of course I would HOPE s/he weren't
developing DM, but it would be a way to catch it if that were the case.

Third, it's a really good check on what a normal child's BG is -- good
data point for managing a DMer's BGs.


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