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[IP] pizza

There a two studies that address pizza and diabetes.  One compared a 
pizza meal to another meal equal in fats, carbs, protein, and calories. 
Pizza still caused more problems in postprandial hyperglycemia than the 
other meal, suggesting that the effect is in part due to the unique 
nature of pizza.  In both studies, blood sugar levels continued to rise 
over 4 hours after the meal. I don't know what time you ate at, but it 
could me that you were still rising. Minimed's square wave bolus feature 
theoretically helps with meals with prolonged absorption.  Since I have 
a disetronic pump which does not have this option, I routinely give 
myself another bolus 90 minutes after my first one.  That tends to keep 
my blood glucose levels more in the normal range or pretty close to it.


I am having some trouble understanding what has happened here.  I had a 
day yesterday in that my bedtime blood check was also my dinner check.  
I was
156.  I had a slice and a half of pizza.  I bolused 3 units for each 
slice.  I
went to bed.  I woke up at 2:30 am and checked and I was 206.  I thought 
bad for pizza.  I took 2 units to bring it down and went back to bed.  
Now at
9:00am I am 290!!!!!!  I don't have ketones.  I don't understand what
happened.  Can someone help me understand.  P.S.  I have only had pizza 
since going on the pump a year and a half ago so I'm not good with the 
for it.  I remember someone saying something about the fat and protein 
in food
like pizza.  Could that be my problem.

              Cheri :)
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